David Hall's Encounters in the Sea Photography

Undersea Predators

Almost all animals living in the sea are predators - from minnows to great white sharks and from starfish to giant squids. Their bodies are designed and engineered to capture prey and to avoid becoming prey themselves. There are "ambush predators" like the scorpionfishes, that disguise themselves cleverly and then wait for unsuspecting prey to wander too close. There are anglerfishes, that dangle "bait" in an attempt to actively lure their prey within striking distance. There are swift predators like the mako shark, as well as "swift enough" predators like the sunflower star - which is just a bit faster than the smaller starfish upon which it preys.

Great Barracuda Hunting Lionfish Mako Shark
Anglerfish Grouper with Prey Tiger Shark,
Scorpionfish with Prey Lizardfish with Blenny Jellyfish with Prey,
Dwarf Lionfish Hunting Penguin Feeding Manta
Mantis Shrimp Mantis Shrimp Lobster with Prey
Nudibranch with Hydroids Wentletraps Bonnet Shell with Prey
Cowrie on Soft Coral Moray Eel Flounder with Pipefish
Starfish with Mussels Anemone with Jellyfish Bobbit Worm
Crown-of-Thorns Geographic Cone Harlequin Shrimp


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